Research Groups

The long-term aim of the formation of Research Groups ( RGs) at king Abdu Aziz University is to coordinate a range of topical and technology-oriented research projects that support the kingdom industry and modernize it in part and upgrade the social, medical ,economical and scientific finding in other parts. In addition , involves a high level of all parts of fundamental science in an interactive way. In realising this objective, the Groups will be having a suitable designed laboratories and back-up facilities to house their unique range of state-of-the-art of instrumental facilities. The group research programme is intended to be supported initially by KAU , national and international grants Their work is expected to lead to patents and publications in well respected journals.

Generally, it is planned to exploit the "joint" science ,engineering, medical, economical, art , social life nature of fields, and to establish more collaborating links and projects with other research groups both inside and outside the University( i.e national and international). By this route, it is hoped to realize another important objective of the Group; namely to enhance the coming future research bases of youngsters through the establishment and support of joint additional postgraduate studentships in supervision that would lead to a further exploitation of the exceptional facilities and opportunities that can be offered and founded by the Groups.

The group has no limit in its size . Its activities are intended to be the backbone of thrilling future research and developing itself into a possible big school or center of its nature of activity.

The deanship of scientific research (DSR) hopes for much more active and effectively competing research grouping not only in the national level but also internationally. Accordingly 13% of the research budget has been set up as an initial support for such new division of research activities.

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