Employee List

Unit/Department Job Title Ext   Email

Dean's office

Dean 52839
Director of the Dean's Office 52065
Financial administrator 65755

Administrative Affairs

Manager director    
 Deputy Director of the Department    
 Warehouse unit manager    
Director of the Administrative Communications Unit 60399

Vice Deanship of Research Groups

Vice Dean for Research Groups 51015
Director of the Office of the Vice Dean for Research Groups 66716
Director of the Research Groups Unit 62782
Director of the Records and Follow-up Division 62080

Vice Deanship for Research

Vice Dean for Research 51711

Corporate Finance Mail 


Director of the Office of the Vice Dean for Research 65921


Vice Deanship, Female Section

Vice Dean of the Deanship of Scientific Research, Female Section  26222
Director of the Undersecretary’s Office  40162
Electronic support unit



Technical support unit
Researchers Services Unit  dsrw@kau.edu.sa
Director of Administration 44143  
Administrative Communications Unit 40127  
Public Relations Unit 26560


Research Excellence Awards Unit

Unit Manager  62066

Excellence Awards Unit Mail


Unit Secretary 67608
Scientific reports supervisor 67608

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Technical Affairs Unit

 Technical Affairs Unit

Project closing mail


Director of the Contracts Division 51217  
Contracts Division 67229  
Director of Project Completion Division 66763
Project Completion Division 62370  
Director of the Preservation and Archiving Division 62401
Preservation and Archiving Division 65271


Financial Affairs Unit

Director of the Financial Affairs Unit 62106
Deanship Finance 73301
Deanship Finance  70539
Deanship Finance  62159

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