About the Deanship

Established by the Deanship of Scientific Research in King Abdulaziz in the year 1427 AH to undertake the organization of scientific research affairs according to the unified regulations for scientific research in Saudi universities. In the year 1419 by the Council of Higher Education.. The establishment of the Deanship of Scientific Research went through several stages when the task of scientific research was assigned in Saudi universities during the period between the years 1408 AH and 1418 AH. Then a new Institute and Consulting was established in the year 1418 AH to supervise external consultations. In the year 1425 AH, the Scientific Research Council was abolished and its duties were assigned to the New York Institute and Consulting. Then in the year 1427 AH the Deanship of Scientific Research was established in addition to the Institute of Joining and Consulting.

Deanship tasks:

Preparing the university’s annual research plan and determining research priorities.

Announcing research supported by the university, arbitrating it, and approving its technical and financial reports.

Coordination and follow-up of research supported from outside the university.

Encouraging newly appointed assistant professor researchers at the university to participate in supported research projects.

Supervising the work of research centers associated with the Deanship of Scientific Research, following up on their activities and evaluating their performance.

Contacting external research centers and developing cooperation with them.

Establishing research groups and organizing their work mechanism.

Preparing the strategic plan for scientific research at the university.

Registering patents for university faculty members.

Organizing researchers’ access to annual awards for scientific research approved by the university.


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