Fourteenth Scientific Research Week

The Scientific Research Week, organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Abdulaziz University, constitutes one of the important elements in the scientific research development system, which is considered one of the most important basic pillars upon which universities are based. This meeting aims to highlight the scientific research activities represented by the distinguished and specialized scientific centers and central laboratories. Scientific chairs, and research projects supported by the university and outside it, And patents registered internationally, and their research outputs. It also reviews the distinguished scientific production of distinguished researchers, and the most important applied research, with the aim of deepening communication between the university’s scientific research centers with each other, research centers outside the university, and the business sector in order to achieve optimal benefit from the results of ongoing research and to expand community participation in research. Scientific.

Objectives of the Fourteenth Scientific Research Week-1443
Developing the university’s scientific research system.
Highlighting the outputs of ongoing research projects at the university.
Highlighting the university’s patents and displaying some priority models.
Highlighting some distinguished student projects for students at King Abdulaziz University.
Interaction between the outputs of research projects and diverse community requirements.
Opening a window through which society can see the potential of scientific research and the capabilities of researchers.
Activating a rational mechanism for community participation in formulating the future vision for scientific research.
Deepening communication and exchange of experiences between researchers.

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