External Research Programs - Institutional Funding Program

In an effort by the Ministry of Education, represented by the Research and Innovation Agency, to support research and development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by supporting universities and cooperating with other partners in the research and development system, an institutional funding program was approved to support research and development in Saudi universities. Accordingly, King Abdulaziz University, represented by the Vice Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, launched the institutional funding program for research and development, which is supported by the Ministry of Education, based on the university’s keenness to support researchers and the research process. The program aims to raise the quality of scientific publishing, support basic and applied research at the university, and also support research laboratories and infrastructure, as a contribution to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in addition to enhancing the university’s research strengths, supporting patents and developing prototypes. The university's research priorities also included matters related to the sustainability of natural resources, artificial intelligence, health care, industry development, and Islamic values and society.



Name of the procedure: Apply for the institutional financing program
1-General goal
  • Contributing to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
  • Raising the quality of scientific publishing and the university’s global ranking.
  • Supporting basic and applied research at the university.
  • Supporting research laboratories and infrastructure for scientific research.
  • Supporting practical research that contributes to developing solutions to development and societal challenges.
  • Strengthening the university’s research strengths.
  • Supporting patents and developing industrial prototypes.
  • Exchanging research experiences at the local and global levels.
  • All research programs at the Deanship are applied for through the electronic research portal
Research priorities
  • sustainable development
  • health care
  • artificial intelligence
  • Development of industries
  • Islamic values and society


Program paths

  • High-impact publishing
  • Classified publishing
  • Reference sheet
  • Patents
2-1 Objective:  Determine the procedures used to submit a research proposal for the institutional funding program.
 2-2 Scope of work:  faculty members and researchers at the university
2-3 Relevant documents:  Application form for the institutional funding program, college approval form, scientific research ethics guide, and investigation report. The application form is uploaded electronically through the My Research Portal
2-4 Administrator  No. Steps of the procedure
2-4-1Scientific advisor to the research agency 2-4-1 Review the application form, college approval form, exploration report, and research team CVs
Name of procedure: Selection of research proposals for the institutional funding program
1-Objective Determine the procedures and criteria used to select research proposals supported by the institutional funding program.
2-Scope of work:  Faculty members and researchers at the university
3 Relevant documents:
  • 3-1 Electronic application form.
  • 3-2 Reproduction report.
  • 3-3.Reproduction report.
  • CVs of the research team
4 Administrator No. Steps of the procedure 
4-1Deputy Dean of Scientific Research for Research
  • 4-1
  • 4-1-2
  • 4-1-3
  • 4-1-4
  • Review the sequestration report.
  • Reviewing the CVs of the research team.
  • Review research priorities.
  • Estimating the planned support according to the budget.


Application forms

Research project extension request form

Corporate Finance Outcome Pledge Model

Final annual report template

Closing form

Approval of amending data on institutional financing programs

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