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The Deanship of Scientific Research Agency for Research at King Abdulaziz University is considered the oldest agency of the Deanship of Scientific Research in terms of establishment and establishment, and it implements the tasks of the strategic plan for research and development. Based on these tasks assigned to the Deanship of Scientific Research in
To direct and stimulate scientific research, the Deanship of Scientific Research, through the Research Agency, offers a group of supported research programs, through which support is provided for research that serves research priorities related to vital issues of society and national security requirements.
Comprehensive and sustainable development in order to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The organizational structure of the Research Agency has witnessed a remarkable development since its inception, to keep pace with the development of the university’s scientific research system, as many units and departments were created for this agency, which serve
All faculty members and researchers at the university. The Research Agency supervises the various scientific programs that are supported from inside and outside the university. The Research Agency prepares and implements the legal and regulatory frameworks and regulations for research contracts in accordance with the procedures.
And the university's regulations.
The agency also operates and develops an integrated information and management system, in order to achieve an integrated database for data on all faculty members and researchers at the university, their scientific production, and referees of research proposals. The agency motivates faculty members
The university focuses on solid scientific production and publishing high-impact scientific papers, within a framework and a solid framework of scientific research ethics, with the aim of presenting new results to the global scientific community and those interested in the field of scientific research. Which would increase his elevation
The value of the scientific institution and the university. The high-impact scientific publishing achieved by the Deanship of Scientific Research through the Research Agency is among the important and notable achievements undertaken by the university. Scientific publishing represents one of the determinants by which work is carried out.
Global ranking of universities in various international classifications. The developed rapid publishing process is considered one of the important means of improving the quality of scientific research and achieving advanced positions in international classifications, and this is what the Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Research has achieved.

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