Communicate with Researcher Services Unit

In the third semester of the year 1444 AH/1445 AH, the Vice Deanship of Scientific Research in the female section created the Researchers Services Unit. This unit aims to support and enable researchers in performing their research work and developing their academic capabilities.
From inside and outside the university and facilitating the task of publishing the questionnaires required to conduct their scientific research and related tools.

Tasks of the Researcher Services Unit:

- Clarifying the detailed conditions and procedures for disseminating questionnaires to faculty members from inside and outside the university

- The unit should serve as a clear reference for researchers to communicate with service providers

- Creating a form (publishing a knowledgeable tool) to be filled out by the researcher and attached to the questionnaire publishing transaction.

- Disseminate the model to all university sectors.

- Reducing the time spent on publishing research questionnaires

- Design and publish the advertisement provided with all publication data for the target group.

A form for facilitating the dissemination of a scientific instrument

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