Deanship of Scientific Research

Authoring and Translation Grants

As part of its policy on providing support and encouragement to the faculty for promoting scholarly work, the University financially and morally supports the authoring, translation and editing of books. Book-writing activities involve one of the following:
authoring a scholarly monograph or a textbook which is directed towards an audience of peers or students (graduate or undergraduate) or towards the more general public in both English and Arabic languages;
preparing a book with collected materials from various authors or cases;
Translating relevant books or textbooks into Arabic.
The University gives priority to books authored by the faculty, which can be used as textbooks at the University. To promote the availability of good technical and scientific books in Arabic, the University encourages the translation of selected titles into Arabic.
The University's financial support for book-writing includes, among other things, summer compensation for the proponent(s) and/or a reduced teaching load during regular semesters, costs of typing and editing and other expenses related to book-writing. Additionally, faculty members authoring, editing, or translating books, which are published by a reputable publisher or by the University, receive a financial award.
For a book-writing activity, the faculty should submit a proposal with all necessary documents to the department chairman, who forwards them to the University Research Committee for evaluation.

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