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Research Group Program

Research Group Program

The Research Group Program was instituted to support and advance scientific and technical research with the aim to bridge the gaps between university and industry. Research Groups are an important module of present-day scientific research; much needed to advance and transfer scientific knowledge. They lead researchers down the road to greater success in collaborative research, sharpen problem-solving skills, combat procrastination, achieve highly impacted publications, bring together more experienced collaborator, build highly skilled network, and bring greater agility to exploit unexpected findings in the most expected manner. Research Groups are recognized based on the importance of the subject, competency of the research team, hypothesis, questions, and applications of the outcome, which could fill the present-day needs. Additionally, Research Groups help in resolving complex scientific issues answering difficult questions by creating collaborative research environment between allied disciplines.

Terms and Conditions Applying for the Program

  1. Approved members of a Research Group are eligible to apply.
  2. Research group member must be a faculty in King Abdulaziz University.
  3. The topic of the project must meet the criteria of the Research Group.
  4. The project topic must be relevant to the current trends in the discipline.
  5. The applicants must get their proposal approved by the Group Coordinator and send it through the Group Coordinator.
  6. A research group project includes four investigators: one principal investigator, two Co-investigators and one International Collaborator in the rank of Adjunct Professor.
  7. The project must be prepared on the prescribed Research Group project application obtained from DSR Portal.
  8. The project must be written in English with precision and clarity, and it should be plagiarism free.
  9. All project outcomes must have King Abdulaziz University as the first affiliation to all KAU investigators and DSR must be acknowledged for funding by providing the Project Number.
  10. At least three published papers in JCR listed ISI indexed journals are needed to close the project within the stipulated duration of nine months.
contact : dsr.hici@kau.edu.sa

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