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The creativity and innovation is the hallmark of the rapid growth of university research and the subsequent transfer of technology components to the community. There is no doubt that patents registered indicate high status university researchers, so do not spare the university effort toward helping researchers to obtain patents for inventions and support in all aspects of this noble aim. In the last three years rolled Patents at King Abdulaziz University and registered globally and was harvested as follows :
• Register a team of experts in the Department of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine consists of Engineer / restore monastery, Dr. / Abd Life, Dr. / Mohamed Badawd a patent for a new and innovative in the world to save the bodies and specimens anatomical used to teach students to install the human body, adopt such method use of a "shellac" an innovative way instead of using the article "formalin" harmful.
• About Dr. / Ramzi bin al-Reda Ebeid, a member of the faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering two patents in the United States of America for errors in Mechanical electric motors inflammatory or Hittite, The researcher was able to develop and design systems through scientific research in favor of Eaton Corporation in the states of Wisconsin and Ohio and the Americas.
• obtained by Dr / Abdul Rahim bin Ahmad al-Zahrani, Dr. / Yahya Abu Bakr al-Hamid, Dr. / Mohammed bin Abdul Rahim Daaos faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering on the patents in the area of disarmament of oxygen with a catalyst for urea - Almunia , from the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany. The present invention relates to using this hydrogen removal to convert ethyl benzene to an article Citrine aromatic hydrocarbon as a very important widely used as a raw material for the production of synthetic rubber.
• reach Dr. / Abdul Rahman Bin Abdullah Al Masood Hamid faculty member, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the inventions in the field of electrical scored in the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. Invention, the first entitled the mid-point technology to protect the generators, the second invention: entitled circuit breakers made of zinc and copper.

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