Deanship of Scientific Research

In collaboration of Physics Department, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University and Science and Technology Unite, Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah.


An international Workshop in


"Frontiers of Nuclear Data Physics and Related Applications"


Was hold in 11-12 September 2011, Sofitel Al-Hamra, Jeddah.

Workshop coordinators: Team of strategic research project # 10-MAT1134-3


Workshop activities: Lectures

Y. Gohar, Anl. USA.

F. Kondev, Anl. USA.

T. Kebedi, Australia.

D. Abriola, IAEA.

G. Geurgiev, ORSAY. France.

D. Balbaniski, Bularia.

A. Irshad, ANL. USA.

A. Jain, IIT Roorki, India.

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