Deanship of Scientific Research

Knowledge Excellence Research Program

     Knowledge Excellence Program is a scientific research program that accentuates Vision 2030 of the Kingdom.

Knowledge Excellence Program is a multifaceted research program, serving various disciplines of science and technology. It fulfills KAU’s strategic objectives in various disciplines of science and technology, and actively contributes towards development of knowledge, excellence and leadership in scientific research. Knowledge Excellence Program attracts international scientists of outstanding statures and helps in transferring knowledge, technology and scientific research know-how from such scientists to KAU faculty members. Such program helps KAU scientists in building bridges of scientific and research cooperation with well-recognized scientists, prestigious international universities, and educational institutions.

Knowledge Excellence Program also helps university management to take appropriate steps to effectively monitor and analyze scientific research standards. Under the program, university management submits developmental proposals to raise scientific and technical research standards and ranks of KAU in accordance with strategic plan set-forth in Vision-2030 of the Kingdom to achieve targets.

Terms and Conditions                                                  

1-There should be at least two KAU faculty members along with one external scientist from the same subject must constitute the team of researchers.

2-One of the investigators must be Saudi national, working as the Assistant Professor or at higher position in one of KAU faculties.

3-The Knowledge Excellence Program supports and encouragesparticipation of master and doctoral students with the condition thattheir mentors will supervise them.

4-In the case, where master’s student participates in the Knowledge Excellence Projects, the name of the external scientists is not required to be mentioned in the student’s thesis supervision committee.

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