Deanship of Scientific Research

A program to Promote Patents

It is based on a contract between the deanship of research (DSR) and the researcher to develop a new a patented invention. The research study is funded based in specific rules in a way that the fund covers the total patent expenses.   

Program Goals

  1. To encourage patented research projects.

  2. To promote research quality.

  3. Be part of the knowledge societies.

  4. To achieve a worldwide recognition.


The budget covers the total patent expenses, the researcher's allowances, and any technical expenses. If the project is a continuation of a previous one, the budget must be discussed with the researcher and it must be mentioned clearly in the proposal.


  1. The application is through the DSR using the approved forms.

  2. The proposal is reviewed by the DSR.

  3. The contract for the accepted proposal is between the researcher and the KAU vice president of research and higher studies.

  4. Most of the research team members must be KAU faculty members.

  5. KAU must be the sole affiliation for its faculty members.

  6. At least half of the project must be accomplished in KSA.

  7. The project must not be funded by any other sources.

  8. KAU must be the owner of the patent. The DSR can study any proposal that include collaborators affiliated to other institutes.

  9. The program is open all year around and the proposals are prioritized based on the application date.

  10.  Any publications come out of the project are eligible for publication rewards.

  11.  The DSR has the right to update these rules as needed.

 Application Forms:

Application patent form 


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